AEMMS INNOVATIONS brings Smart Solutions for Your Business

With the advances of Virtualization and the ubiquity and stability of the Internet, small to medium sized business can put in best of class systems that where once only afforded to Fortune 500 companies.

With an AEMMS Smart Solutions, you can:

AEMMS provides best of class Cloud Computing with Smart Pay-As-You-Use Metering.

The large online Cloud Computing vendors sell you services based on Physical Servers, just as if you were buying a new server for your own computer room. You would buy the server, the hard drives, the CPU…etc.

What if you only used 40% of the server’s capacity? Well, you would still pay the full monthly rate. AEMMS uses a Smart Metering system that allows you to pay for what you actually use. This will cost less than the traditional system of buying virtual servers. For example, if you use 10% of capacity, then you only pay 10%. That’s it.

We would work with you to calculate your computing needs, then provide you with the necessary server equipment. When you go live on our system, we will monitor usage. You pay for usage, not reserved hardware. Most companies will realize a 30% savings using AEMMS Smart Pay-as-you-use metering compared to the other traditional providers.


Smart solutions

AEMMS Innovations provides smart end to end solutions.

Starting with Business and Systems analysis, to Project Planning and Management, all the way to Project completion.

We will create a comprehensive system for your business that will reduce your overall IT costs and complexities.

Smart Solutions for Infrastructure

AEMMS Innovations has many areas of expertise. One of these is Infrastructure design and installation.

We can Analyse and design your network to work at maximum efficiency for both internal systems and for your cloud based applications.

Smart Solutions for Compliance

With a combination of virtualization and online backup systems we can bring your organization to the necessary compliance of SAS70.

Relax with our Our Always On Guarantee© 99.99% guaranteed uptime SLAs ensures that your business runs smoothly and continuously.

We can create off site backups and virtualized servers with full redundancy. In the event of a disaster, we can have your systems almost instant-on.